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An author may use pathetic fallacy to represent characters' emotions or the actions in a scene. This helps set the tone and mood while adding depth to characterizations. For instance, an angry character gets caught in a thunderstorm. We usually associate thunderstorms with darkness and anger, which would reflect the mood of the character. Thus, as a reader, we may gain a deeper perspective on the character. Similarly, when a character feels sad, it begins to rain. Both of these examples show the characters' emotions through the weather.

I don’t mean to be semantic, and argue the definition of honor. Though I’ve not met you, you strike me as an intelligent, deep-thinking Army Officer. You don’t seem to have an emotional attachment to Lee. Rather, I get the impression that you are studying Lee’s career, and his strategic decisions, in a professional manner to learn how his decision making processes can be applied in your career as a soldier. To me, that is more akin to how a historian mines the data, and less like honoring. The presence (or absence) of a statue doesn’t change history at all.

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