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Salam Bahagia Tun Dr M. To me, you and LKY are a chip off the same block. Both are unwaveringly committed to your goals of progress and advancing your people. For LKY, it was Singapore. For you, the Malays, and consequently, Malaysia. In my opinion and through my observations, to be a successful leader in control of countries with diverse and opposing viewpoints, a little bit of ruthlessness is necessary to stay on top of the game, and to see through the vision and goals you have made. Some sacrifices are bound to be needed to control dissent. That I’ve seen in both you and LKY, and a great number of other successful leaders around. As long as the policies implemented are good for the country and its people, the people will tolerate and forgive the little bit of ruthlessness in its leaders, as long as it is within certain limits. While I do not agree with everything you said and that I usually support the DAP now, you are and will always be my hero for Malaysia, for being the strong leader that Malaysia needed, for the visionary that you are, for your outward and forward looking policies, for making us believe that we can compete with the world, for standing up to the West when required with your usually witty rhetoric, for being bold and speaking your mind, for the great many landmark projects you implemented during your rule, for putting us on the map… and so on.

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Tulis thesis cepat

tulis thesis cepat


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