Thesis robots meta tags

This strategy allows web robots and automated screen readers to better understand the flow of your content. This markup clearly defines where your major page content is contained. Of course, headers and footers are often common across hundreds if not thousands of pages within a website. The section tag should be limited to explain where the unique content is contained. Within the section tag, we should then continue to markup and control the content with HTML tags which are lower in the hierarchy, like h1 , div , span , etc.

I don’t like the fact that regular and progressive updates to Thesis have stopped in the wait of the “revolutionary” version, which Mr. Pearson is writing from scratch. For an entire year, Thesis has been at a standstill, and the promised version is still far away, according to Mr. Pearson’s latest message. In the meantime, people publish feature suggestions in the Thesis Support Forums, but again, the “big” version is being built from scratch, so all those “small” suggestions will serve no purpose. I hope I am wrong.

Thesis robots meta tags

thesis robots meta tags


thesis robots meta tagsthesis robots meta tagsthesis robots meta tagsthesis robots meta tags