Thesis on biocatalysis

At - Ghent University, a diverse team of researchers strives to transform microbial (lab) strains into cell factories, as such enabling the transition towards a biobased economy.​​ To accomplish this goal, state of the art interdisciplinary techniques are applied in an integrated approach, combining molecular tool-, strain- and process development. has been active in the field of industrial biotechnology for over 15 years, amongst others resulting in the founding of the spin off company Inbiose. Moreover, 's close collaboration with the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant in several research projects, enables to bring cutting edge technologies to the next level, through process development and scale up.

The Enzyme Sources Guide contains 244 different suppliers with descriptions of their product lines, and lists an additional 150+ distributors.  Looking for a ketoreductase for the stereoselective reduction of a ketone or a transaminase to produce a chiral amine? The suppliers of enzymes for biocatalysis are all identified in Table 1. Want to know which companies are primary manufacturers of enzymes and which are distributors? The Enzyme Sources Guide lists enzyme distributors from around the world, and also tells you which companies are resellers of enzymes manufactured by others. Immobilized enzymes? We’ve got you covered;  suppliers of immobilized enzymes and supports are listed in a section showing providers of immobilized enzymes, supports, and related technology and services. The Enzymes Sources Guide also contains profiles of all the companies so that you can more quickly identify the best supplier for your enzyme needs.

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Thesis on biocatalysis

thesis on biocatalysis


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