The science lab past papers

The beauty of understanding how ingredients interact with each other is that even if my definition of the "best" chocolate cookie isn't in line with yours, if you've come along this far, then you know what you need to do to adjust my recipe to suit your own tastes . Like your cookies chewier? Substitute some of that all-purpose flour for bread flour. Want your cookies to rise up a little taller? Add a touch of baking powder or replace the yolk of one of those eggs with an extra white. You like your chocolate in distinct pockets? Just use chocolate chips instead of hand-chopped. Want your cookies more flexible and chewy? Just replace some sugar with a touch of corn syrup.

Need tips for developing a competitive application for the Shell Science Lab Challenge?

  • View an NSTA web seminar
  • Read a sample narrative
  • See a sample résumé
  • Check the Challenge timeline
  • Watch a sample video:
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The science lab past papers

the science lab past papers


the science lab past papersthe science lab past papersthe science lab past papersthe science lab past papers