Technology affecting society essay

The Tech Alliance is proud to release a first-of-its-kind digital report that explores technology's economic effect across Washington . The Tech Alliance wanted to better understand how tech-driven innovation was affecting the state's workforce, companies, and communities. In partnership with Seattle-based economic impact firm, Community Attributes , the Tech Alliance dug into the data and stories that underlie Washington's tech-driven economy, and this report is the result. What you'll see is a diversified economy dependent on the development of new technologies, the adaptation and application of those technologies, and the required shifts in the workforce that keep the state's industries moving forward. 

Of course, the use of mobile technology carries risk, especially when it comes to sensitive applications such as healthcare. And healthcare organizations must also consider how the use of mobile technology affects regulatory (especially HIPAA) compliance. This can be complicated when combined with security issues related to cloud computing. Any organization that seeks to leverage mobile and cloud technology for its patients and employees must take great care to ensure that security, privacy and regulatory concerns are being addressed. This requires input from all stakeholders across the organization. For many organizations, the use of an outsourced IT provider canprovide a level of expertise and protection that they can’t afford not to have.

Technology affecting society essay

technology affecting society essay


technology affecting society essaytechnology affecting society essaytechnology affecting society essaytechnology affecting society essay