Stern essay sample

The use and acceptance of the internet to become part of how we conduct business in this modern day and time is important. It’s a main driver that one should never let go of if he would want to survive his competition that through the years have leveraged technology to their advantage in reaching out to their customers and eventually make more sales through their effective internet campaigns. Truly, businesses have shifted online to gain more presence and possibly create more impact to their customers to take their businesses to new heights.

Stern will allow me to refine my investment philosophy and develop team skills specific to international business analysis. Home to elite value investors, Manhattan is an ideal setting for advancing my investment approach via Stern’s adjunct faculty and student access to investors. In addition, partaking in programs such as DBi will provide me with experience working collaboratively with diverse teams in foreign countries. Such experience will be valuable when conducting primary research in frontier countries and working with international investment teams.

By spending time with them, I have begun to comprehend the factors that profoundly shape my personal development.  It has taught me about the true meaning of sacrifice, hard-work and contributing. A visit to a classroom housed in the most tumultuous region of the world, West Bank, turned out to be an enlightening experience which made me realise that I do possess positive qualities of kindness, compassion and responsibility. Most substantial to me is that I have explored a talent and passion that is uniquely my own and which subsequently produces the confidence I need to shape my identity. I intend to take these life lessons along with me as I go for my MBA next year and I visualise myself, years later, as a successful leader in a field that I love - working on the well-being of more than a billion of people.

Stern essay sample

stern essay sample


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