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I now visit homes to and show you how to effectively communicate with your dog in a way he / she will understand and to find out why the behaviour is happening. Once you know how to communicate and why the behaviour is happening everything simply falls into place. All it takes is for you to follow my tailor made instructions and practice for 15 to 20 minutes per day to achieve the behaviour you want. Whatever the problem, I can help. No dog is a hopeless case. If you are experiencing such problems as Pulling on the Lead, Boisterous Behaviour, Jumping Up, Barking or Howling, Separation Anxiety, Destruction, Aggression, Toileting, general training or you just want to get a good start for your dog or puppy, then I can help you to get things on track. Contact me to see how I can help you to build that rewarding relationship with your favourite friend. Whatever the problem, I'd love to help.

Not sure if I completely agree with the conclusions made about the Milgram experiment. I would agree that some element of "it was for the greater good" does come into play, but I don't think you can completely disregard the role of obedience to commands. The podcaster asserted that only the 4th prompt was a true command, and that the previous 3 were not commands. I would instead argue that there is no clear distinction between command and not-command here, but that each prompt is progressively more forceful.
The major bias in saying that not one person gave the shock after being commanded to do so (ie after being given the 4th prompt) is that the ONLY people who ever received the 4th prompt were people who had already disobeyed 3 strongly worded prompts asking them to give the shock.
So it seems to me that the only people who were ever given the 4th prompt were the participants who were most assertive in their moral stance. The people who were liable to follow commands against their better moral judgement had already caved at one of the earlier prompts, such as "the experiment requires that you continue."

Hi my name is Mya and I am 13 years old, I’ve always loved singing. Anytime I would cook, clean or anything my mom would turn on the radio and we would just sing along and have fun. I’m in chorus at my school and I used to go to a dance program once a week. In dance we went on stage every year so after a while I could deal with going on stage and freaking out. Three years ago was when I decided I would join chorus and later that same year I auditioned for the school play and a solo in chorus. I got to play two small parts in the play, but hey I have to start somewhere, and I didn’t get the solo. I kept trying to get a solo and a bigger part in the plays, but I never got a solo or a big part. But no matter what, I will eventually have my chance just as everyone gets. If no one responds to this that’s okay, that just means that I wasn’t meant to be on this show. Thanks for the opportunity to at least audition.

Show my homework ridgeway

show my homework ridgeway


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