Sample journal review essay

Review of Business and Finance Studies  (ISSN:2150-3338 [print] and ISSN 2156-8081 [online] ) publishes high-quality studies  in all areas of business finance and related fields.  Empirical, and theoretical papers as well as case studies are welcome. Cases can be based on real-world or hypothetical situations. The Journal, first published in 2010, is published twice per year by the Institute for Business and Finance Research, LLC.  Journal overall accept rate is 25 papers submitted to the Journal are blind reviewed and authors receive reviewer comments.

DSR Issue #13
Nin Andrews, Jane Unrue, Shaun Levin, Ander Monson, Robert Hill Long, Daniel Olivas, Richard Zimler, Beatrice Edwards, Polonskaya Anzhelina, John Kryder, Michael Ansara ... DSR Issue #12
Simon Perchik, Annie Finch, Bino Realuyo, Carlos Reyes, Michael Martone, Leissa Shahrak, Louis Giron, . Petronelli ... DSR Issue #11
Darryl Scroggins, Michael Brodsky, Gabriela Popa, Nin Andrews, Candace Moore, Peter Johnson ... DSR Issue #10
Luísa Costa Gomes, Brenda Glasure, Jill Stegman, Khan Wong, Johannes Beilharz, AnnMarie Eldon ... DSR Issue #9
Michael Molinero, Luísa Costa Gomes, Cynthia Hartwig, Vicki Lindner, Stuart Connelly ... DSR Issue #8
Shelly Berc, Ander Monson, Maria Terrone, Wesley McNair, Michael Rothenberg ... DSR Anthology
Dawn Raffel, Diane Williams, Deborah Oline Unferth, Andy Mozina, Michael Martone, Joe Ahearn, Daniel Bosch, Stephen Burt, Shira Dentz, Linh Dinh, Forrest Gander, Pamela Gemin, Holly Iglesias, Peter Johnson, Daniel Moolten, Allyson Shaw, Meg Tyler ... DSR Issue #7
Karen Holmberg, Pamela Alexander, Diane Wald, Rose-Marie London, Peter Johnson, David Lloyd, Nin Andrews ... = MORE ISSUES = NADA BEATS DSR

     Poetry , Science Fiction and All Manner of Speculative

A Fork in the River
      Lisa Timpf

Un Agujerito Negro
      Arthur Plotnik

      Nick Castellano

Down in Chaotica
      Max Talley

Everything Exotic Has a Caretaker
      Jaq Evans

Faith of Our Fathers
      Emmet O'Cuana

Junie's Folly
      Jewel Beth Davis

      Alethea Eason

      Paul Smith

      Richard K. Weems

Photograph of my Father
      Jason Irwin

Sample journal review essay

sample journal review essay


sample journal review essaysample journal review essaysample journal review essaysample journal review essay