Real time business intelligence thesis

Steve Wooledge is vice president of product marketing for MapR Technologies . Steve brings over 12 years of experience in product marketing and business development to MapR. Steve was previously Vice President of Marketing for Teradata Unified Data Architecture, where he drove big data strategy and market awareness across the product line, including Apache Hadoop. Steve also held various roles in product and corporate marketing at Aster Data – an innovator in big data analytics – prior to being acquired by Teradata. Earlier in his career, Steve held product marketing positions at Interwoven and Business Objects, as well as had sales and engineering roles at Business Objects, Dow Chemical and Occidental Petroleum.

Choosing a solution such as  OLATION‘ s Visionary Intelligence solution helps businesses to maintain the integrity of their existing database and delivers “real, real-time data” with non-copying automatic updates. OLATION’s in-memory feature integrates with other relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server™. This capability prevents the need to have to copy data from relational data sources to  multidimensional  sources for reporting, planning, analyzing and forecasting functions. With your most intuitive and easy-to-use multidimensional dashboard serving as  OLATION ’s browser, users can still maintain the user-end software of their choice such as Excel, Access, web browsers and even other solution providers such as SAP Business One, Oracle and others. Essentially, a real-time BI tool should be automatic and maintain security by cutting out the copying of data.

Real time business intelligence thesis

real time business intelligence thesis


real time business intelligence thesisreal time business intelligence thesisreal time business intelligence thesisreal time business intelligence thesis