Raising kane essay

The story of the making of " Citizen Kane " is by now one of the central legends of movie lore. Many books have been written about the film, most notably The Citizen Kane Book by Pauline Kael, with her famous essay "Raising Kane," which argues that the contribution of writer Herman J. Mankiewicz to the production has been underappreciated. Robert Carringer, a Welles expert at the University of Illinois, has published The Making of " Citizen Kane ," with much analysis of visual strategies and production details. And Harlan Lebo's new " Citizen Kane ": The 50th Anniversary Album includes many inside details from interviews with the participants. (Example: Welles gashed his left hand in the scene where he tears apart Susan's apartment, and pulls it out of camera view in the closeup where he picks up the paperweight.)

Welles never confirmed a principal source for the character of Charles Foster Kane . Houseman wrote that Kane is a synthesis of different personalities, with Hearst's life used as the main source. Some events and details were invented, [23] :444 and Houseman wrote that he and Mankiewicz also "grafted anecdotes from other giants of journalism, including Pulitzer , Northcliffe and Mank's first boss, Herbert Bayard Swope ." [23] :444 Welles said, "Mr. Hearst was quite a bit like Kane, although Kane isn't really founded on Hearst in particular, many people sat for it so to speak". [24] :78 He specifically acknowledged that aspects of Kane were drawn from the lives of two business tycoons familiar from his youth in Chicago— Samuel Insull and Harold Fowler McCormick . [d] [12] :49

Man this movie was so wonderful to me because my media role models were, Mrs. Livingston, of Eddies father, or The world of susie wong, or Hop Sing of Bananza. I remember forcing my mom to watch Joy luck club with me, and she said , ” It’s ok”. Mom was the same personality as the mother , daughter in the salon shop scene. Since my mom was from San Francisco I really could relate to the movie. Watching the women have depressive moments in the film made me want to know my own mother’s hidden feelings. My mom unfortunately kept all feelings inside. Since Asian American women have the highest suicide rates in the . I hope more movies like Joy luck are developed. Asian women have a lot to say yet keep it all in.

Raising kane essay

raising kane essay


raising kane essayraising kane essayraising kane essayraising kane essay