Poverty and affluence essay

The ability to have tee-shirts and chocolate is not a product of capitalism, nor is capitalism the only way to have a global economy. Surely, socialist/communist/mercantilist/etc-alist nation-states were able to provide clothing for their citizenry without necessitating that everyone’s Mother knit them clothing. Occupational specialization has been around long before capitalism. But I’m not saying that capitalism and free markets have never provided anything good for the world (indeed they have, though we’ve never exactly had entirely “free markets”). I’m just saying that the results of deregulated markets kinda speak for themselves and that the idea that glorifying the acquisition of wealth as an end unto itself clearly has wrought havoc on our world. I’m not saying I have any clue how to fix anything, just that there clearly needs to be more governance, on local, national and especially global scales to ensure that we can not only have equality of opportunity, but also that we do not deplete our limited resources and cause our own demise as a species.

The Indian state has undoubtedly failed in its responsibilities towards its citizens over the last 50 odd years. There is a need for the state to move out of many areas and the process has been started with economic liberalization. The process of decentralization should devolute lot more powers, both functional and financial, to panchayats. The lack of transparency and accountability has hampered our economic development at all levels. The problem of poverty persists because of a number of leakages in the system. New laws have to be evolved to ensure more accountability. Bodies like the Planning Commission should be modified into new constitutional bodies that can hold governments accountable for their failure to implement development programmes. A strong system of incentives and disincentives also needs to be introduced. The encouragement of non-governmental organizations and private sector individuals in tackling poverty is imperative, as the state cannot do everything.

This article tells me that a child who born to an educated mother will benefit more than a child who born to mothers without an education. Quite a number of women in the world are without a proper education. Is it fair to women without a proper education to be condemn to be told that their child will do poorly rather than a child of an educated mothers. Their child would eventually succeed through hard work and support from their family. It stated that most children who drop out from school are girls and most of the people cant read live in developing countries. In this century i am sure that proper education are given to those who could not afford it as everyone want to succeed. I think that it does not matter if a child's mother is without an education as they can succeed if they work hard and opportunity is given to them.

Poverty and affluence essay

poverty and affluence essay


poverty and affluence essaypoverty and affluence essaypoverty and affluence essaypoverty and affluence essay