Oral history dissertation proposal

Oral history draws on people’s experiences to reconstruct the past. The long interview forms the heart of oral history practice. Interviews explore people’s memories and thus enable us to add layers to the past that is accessible in written documents. Oral history changes the focus of what is available in official documents, incorporating marginal voices that are often ignored. In order to understand the historical background within which to situate oral history interviews, students will be trained not only in the historical method but also in methods used by related disciplines like anthropology, geography, and sociology. Students will focus on oral history within an academic context as well as its application and dissemination beyond – in institutional, corporate, and family archives as well as in film and theatre. They will also be introduced to a larger range of practices drawn from visual culture, literature, folk studies, and language studies so as to find new forms of expression. The core disciplines therefore will include:

Oral history dissertation proposal

oral history dissertation proposal


oral history dissertation proposaloral history dissertation proposaloral history dissertation proposaloral history dissertation proposal