Nursing home abuse research papers

Nursing home abuse lawsuits can end in a variety of different ways. In some cases, the suit may be dismissed, there could be a settlement or a summary judgment or the case could go to trial. In some cases, it could go into mediation or arbitration. All cases are different. If the lawsuit does finally reach a settlement, the plaintiff will agree to a set amount of money as compensation for dismissing the case. Settlements for nursing home abuse happen outside of the courts, and this means there does not need to be a trial for a final decision.

Healthcare providers are required by law to report suspected child/adult/elder abuse to local law enforcement agencies in Louisiana. Facility policy should dovetail with state laws. Facility policy should include procedures reporting, preservation of evidence, and documentation requirements. Events such as sexual assault and physical abuse with injury should be considered as Sentinel Events which would require regulatory agency reporting and post event processes to identify causation and measures to prevent future events. State /federal CMS should track this data. CMS should include Sentinel Event reporting in their accreditation process. Staff education related to elder abuse, state laws, resident assessment findings should be provided & documented on hire and annually. Administators of LTC/Nursing Homes should see this as a selling point for their facility-resident safety is a priority.

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Nursing home abuse research papers

nursing home abuse research papers


nursing home abuse research papersnursing home abuse research papersnursing home abuse research papersnursing home abuse research papers