Night essay prompts

I sit in my chair, sipping my black coffee
An orange and yogurt make my lunch
crunch crunch
I look at my wall, a plain beige for this bachelor
and see my tuxedo crumpled for the weddings i attend, never hosting
the hauntings of ghostlings on this paper i write upon
I scribble, the creative green ink dribbles, it’s dawn
I fiddle with a staple and look to my right
memories of a honeymoon with my ex bride
a picture showing her and a kangaroo named Ron
on my bright computer screen, it glows
unlike the book of memories near, that blows
So I wrap up my thoughts
Forget my own name
And close down my mind for a mental get away

There is a real disconnect between what Admission Committee Representatives in the Info Sessions say they are looking for and these essay topics. College Reps say they would like to know something interesting about you that isn’t revealed in your application. Your essay is supposed to add “texture” to your application. These new essay topics will produce really boring essays, with many students beating their own chests or writing sad tales about a death in the family or another type of loss. Bring back the topic of choice!

The truth is, though, I like people. I really do. Just in small doses. And I like to talk. But only if I’m talking about something that I’m really passionate about, and that usually only occurs when I’m around people that “get” me or people that I’m comfortable with. I guess not wanting to have a five-minute conversation about the weather or about your cat makes me unapproachable and cold, or that not wanting to be friends with everybody makes me asocial. I suspect many other introverts feel the same: shamed for preferring to keep to themselves unless they have something worthwhile to say, pressured into being social all the time because the world around them seems to demand it. It’s exhausting, really.

Night essay prompts

night essay prompts


night essay promptsnight essay promptsnight essay promptsnight essay prompts