Harvard system essay sample

On March 9, 2013 The Boston Globe reported that Harvard searched 16 resident deans' email accounts seeking the source of a leaked email shortly after the scandal broke. [112] On March 11 Smith and Evelynn Hammonds confirmed the search in an official statement. [113] [114] One dean had forwarded the email to two students in their role as an advisor and it was redistributed, reaching The Harvard Crimson . [112] [113] [114] In light of a second leak of an Administrative Board meeting and with no explanations forthcoming, administrators approved the email search. [113] [114] Information technology staff searched the subject lines of the deans' staff email accounts. [112] [114] Only the dean responsible was notified about the search. [112] The statement said Senior Resident Dean Sharon Howell was also informed but she and an anonymous Harvard official said she was not. [113] The Faculty of Arts and Sciences privacy policy requires members to be "notified at the earliest possible opportunity." [112] The policy was partially due to suspected snooping by Harvard President Lawrence Summers . [112] It was not clear if resident deans are faculty or merely staff. [115] The search breaks the faculty policy but not the staff policy. [116] Faculty members reacted negatively to the search. [117] [118] [119] [120]

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Harvard system essay sample

harvard system essay sample


harvard system essay sampleharvard system essay sampleharvard system essay sampleharvard system essay sample