Harvard mba 2009 essays

I am a MBA aspirant and i have have following your website for few months now. most my doubts just gets cleared by roaming on your website itself, its definitely amazing, but still i have a doubt in my mind and hope you could clear it.(pls)
I am a civil engineer with 3 year experience in construction and i am thinking/planning to write GMAT next year (so by then i will have 4 years of exp). My major doubt is that, Will, having a civil engineering background and studying MBA, be very challenging in terms of job scenario post MBA graduation?? or i shouldn’t be afraid /considering this fact and just slog my way through MBA by working hard!

We met first with Leadership and Corporate Accountability Professor David Garvin to ask what he thought of the idea of an “integrity pledge” for graduating students. He immediately suggested that we talk with another HBS professor, Rakesh Khurana. Khurana had written a book on the history of management education and, together with Professor Nitin Nohria, had published an article in the Harvard Business Review on making management a profession. (Read it here .) In it they suggested creating a “Hippocratic Oath for Managers” which would serve as a professional credo for MBA graduates. Like the Hippocratic Oath made by doctors or the oaths that attorneys make to be admitted to the bar, a management oath would outline values and ideals to which managers should commit.

Harvard mba 2009 essays

harvard mba 2009 essays


harvard mba 2009 essaysharvard mba 2009 essaysharvard mba 2009 essaysharvard mba 2009 essays