Famous people bio


  • Forrest Clare "Phog"Allen basketball player, baseball player, coach
  • Henry "Heck" Allen author, screenwriter
  • William Robert "Bob" Allison baseball player
  • Robert Altman film director
  • Louis Ambroise trapper, trader
  • James "Jimmie" Angel aviator, discovered Angel Falls in Venezuela
  • Maya Angelou author
  • Andrew "Andy" Ashby baseball player
  • Edward "Ed" Asner actor
  • David Rice Atchison senator, held the office of president of the United States for one day in 1849
  • Charles Autobee trapper, trader, mountain man
  • Stephen Morehouse Avery author
  • Burt Bacharach songwriter
  • Josephine Baker singer, dancer
  • Scott Bakula television actor
  • Kate "Ma" Barker criminal
  • James Carroll Beckwith painter
  • Noah Beery, Sr. actor
  • Wallace Beery actor
  • Robert Russell Bennett composer
  • Thomas Hart Benton artist
  • Yogi Berra baseball player
  • Chuck Berry singer
  • George Caleb Bingham artist (born in VA)
  • Linda Blair actress
  • Harriet Bland Olympic medalist, athlete
  • Henry Wollman Bloch co-founder H&R Block
  • Richard Adolf Bloch co-founder H&R Block
  • Susan Elizabeth Blow educator, founder first kindergarten in .
  • Delores "Dee" Boeckmann athlete, Olympic coach
  • John William "Blind" Boone pianist, composer
  • Neal Boyd singer
  • Kenton Lloyd Boyer baseball player
  • Bill Bradley basketball player
  • Omar Nelson Bradley five-star general
  • Molly Brown (Unsinkable Molly Brown) Titanic survivor, political activist
  • Sylvia Browne psychic
  • Edgar Buchanan actor
  • Mark Alan Buehrle baseball player
  • Grace Bumbry soprano
  • William Burroughs writer
  • Norbert Leo Butz actor

Famous people bio

famous people bio


famous people biofamous people biofamous people biofamous people bio