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This list is not the 'standard' one seen on other Masonic websites. It is greatly augmented by additional material on the lives of these distinguished persons as well as by the listing of many Masons whose membership has been verified through news stories, personal knowledge, etc. Many of these names have been provided by others and we've set up a special page here to say "thanks" for their contributions. We also note an exceptionally well-designed site which shows many of the individual Masons we've named in 'categories'. There was also a New Jersey Masons website that had an excellent presentation but sadly, the site now appears to have been closed.

There’s an interesting analogy to vision here, where the center of your vision is very clear, and the outsides are filled in in a top-down way – I have a vague sense that my water bottle is in the periphery right now, but only because I kind of already know that, and it’s more of a mental note of “water bottle here as long as you ask no further questions” than a clear image of it. The extreme version of this is the blind spot , which gets filled in entirely with predicted imagery despite receiving no sensation at all.

Famous book review

famous book review


famous book reviewfamous book reviewfamous book reviewfamous book review