Evaluating a subject essay

When filtering information, students need to understand the spectrum of options between fact and opinion. Issues of perspective, point of view, and bias must be discussed. One of the advantages of using the Internet with students is the availability of so many examples. Students can see misinformation and propaganda in action. Give students the opportunity to question their findings and discuss their concerns. The following websites provide interesting activities to get you students thinking about the quality of information on the Internet.

How would you go about finding out the answers to these questions? For the first question, go to the UNC Writing Center Homepage. There you will find out who funds the Writing Center and who works there. The answer to the second question is yes, I do have biases, although I am probably not aware of all of them. Do they affect what I write? Of course. Is that necessarily bad? Of course not. The answer to the third question is more difficult. There is no table of contents because this is a short work, but the bold section breaks and bulleted lists should help you scan the document for applicability. Everyone approaches a learning situation from a different angle, and what is useful to one person might not be for the next. That is an assessment you must make from your own perspective.

Is the material at this site useful, unique, accurate or is it derivative, repetitious, or doubtful?
Is the information available in other formats?
Is the purpose of the resource clearly stated? Does it fulfill its purpose?
What items are included in the resource? What subject area, time period, formats or types of material are covered?
Is the information factual or opinion?
Does the site contain original information or simply links?
How frequently is the resource updated?
Does the site have clear and obvious pointers to new content?

Evaluating a subject essay

evaluating a subject essay


evaluating a subject essayevaluating a subject essayevaluating a subject essayevaluating a subject essay