Essays in persuasion amazon

There was once a famous book called “The Jacksonian Persuasion.” Well, there is a Williamsonian persuasion too: a set of inclinations, a certain experience, a cast of mind. I have recorded a Q&A with Kevin, here . We talk about recent and horrific events in Houston (where Kevin lived for some time). We talk about Kevin’s upbringing in West Texas. Was he born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Hardly. What about charges of elitism and all the rest? We talk about controversies he has been involved in (“white genocide”). And about Trump. And about capitalism. And about immigration. Toward the end, we get into such subjects as writers and composers.

The 30 second and 5 minute versions should grow naturally out of the 5 second version. In 30 seconds, there’s enough time to talk about how you’ll achieve what you described in 5 seconds, or provide specifics of the 2 or 3 most significant things about how the effect described in the 5 second pitch will be achieved. Provide the next level of detail down, adding in just enough interesting detail that the listener can get a clearer picture of your idea, and gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of what you’re proposing. If you can’t distill down what you’re doing in 5 and 30 second versions, don’t worry too much about the 5 minute version: odds are you won’t get many people to listen to you for that long.

Essays in persuasion amazon

essays in persuasion amazon


essays in persuasion amazonessays in persuasion amazonessays in persuasion amazonessays in persuasion amazon