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It was not until February 9, 2010, that it was announced that Nolan had "cracked" the story of a sequel to The Dark Knight and was committed to return to the project. [64] Shortly afterward, it was announced David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan were working on a screenplay. [65] Goyer would leave the project during pre-production to begin work on Man of Steel ; Jonathan continued writing the script based on the story by his brother Chris and Goyer. [12] Chris Nolan said that his brother's original draft was about 400 pages. [66] The film's storyline has been compared with the Batman comic book series' story arc " Knightfall " (1993), which showcased Bane; the mini-series The Dark Knight Returns (1986), in which Batman returns to Gotham City after a ten-year absence; and the story arc " No Man's Land " (1999), which depicts a Gotham cut off from the rest of the world and overrun by gangs. [67] [68] The nickname "the Dark Knight" was first applied to Batman in Batman #1 (1940), in a story written by Bill Finger . [69] [70] Nolan confirmed the Joker would not return in the third film, and dismissed rumors that he considered using unused footage of Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight . [71] The Dark Knight Rises reunited Nolan with many of his past collaborators, including cinematographer Wally Pfister , production designer Nathan Crowley , editor Lee Smith , costume designer Lindy Hemming, special effects supervisors Paul Franklin and Chris Corbould , and composer Hans Zimmer . [72]

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Essayons theatre co

essayons theatre co


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