Essay on why i deserve a good grade

Either the Bush Administration is lying, or most of America’s close allies are. So why hasn’t Congress investigated these foreign intelligence claims? Why hasn’t a single mainstream media article connected all these dots, or given these warnings the coverage they deserve? Either some people within the US government knew the 9/11 attack would happen and did nothing, or some people within the US government failed to heed advice from a dozen foreign governments and properly defend the US from attack. Perhaps both. These people should be removed from office on the grounds of gross incompetence, or face the legal consequences of aiding and abetting terrorism. It seems clear that there are people who fear an investigation, and that that is why these dots are left unconnected.

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Weinger speaks of an “intellectual victory of capitalism,” yet he offers nothing more than its (assumed) acceptance as the current form of dominant thought as evidence for this claim. It is hardly shocking, again, to see that he has little consideration for why, perhaps, this current state of affairs might be; he seems more interested in dogmatically asserting (in a typically conservative way) that capitalism is, and, if he a) stands to gain from it and, not unrelatedly, b) does not take seriously criticisms of the status quo (insofar as he’s even familiar with them), is desirable. This article, like much that passes for thought in our society, would be well accompanied by a consideration of the writings of Antonio Gramsci, notably his theory of hegemony.

Essay on why i deserve a good grade

essay on why i deserve a good grade


essay on why i deserve a good gradeessay on why i deserve a good gradeessay on why i deserve a good gradeessay on why i deserve a good grade