Essay on scope of tourism in pakistan

Note : We often better understand the importance of our own values when we can clearly articulate why these are important to us.

  • Explain your use of these five values in your day-to-day decision making. Do these values guide your decisions or do you have a challenge in applying them? If you are experiencing a conflict with someone at work or in your personal life, what role might differing values have in that conflict? Do these values provide insight into your career? Why or why not?
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    Whichever major city you find yourself in; you have a big chance to come across a Hilton Hotel. Hilton International Group is a leading global hotel brand and the Company, with an expanding portfolio of hotels, mainly Hilton Brand (own the rights to the trademark), Scandic, Conrad and Vernon Hotels. The company operates 380 hotels worldwide and is represented in 66 countries. Its 80,000 strong workforce looks after an average of 8 million guests every year. (Annual Report, 2003).

    Museums are the quintessential institutions which use 'medium' and 'message' as an identical thought through material and the tangible. [8] Museology seeks to understand and develop proficient exhibits which engage the audience by way of looking at the past and truly grasping techniques and displays that are productive and how they can be adapted to changing societies and utilized to effectively educate and stir interest, awareness, or curiosity. Both form and function become sources to be analyzed as they allow greater comprehension of an audience's overall reception of a message. In establishing continuity between museum and media , popular culture , and tourism, museology has taken a transdisciplinary approach broadening discussions and utilizing a wider scope of methodology to explain the inevitable changes which occur. [9]

    Essay on scope of tourism in pakistan

    essay on scope of tourism in pakistan


    essay on scope of tourism in pakistanessay on scope of tourism in pakistanessay on scope of tourism in pakistanessay on scope of tourism in pakistan