Essay interview report

This researched was conducted by interviewing 46 rural sheriffs and 28 police chiefs of small towns. The subjects for the interviews were selected by finding the individuals so that the widest possible range of social and physical environments would be included. The existing studies provided a basis for areas to be covered in the interviews in a largely unstructured manner, however subjects were also encouraged to address whatever areas they thought were important. The interview that usually lasted 40 minutes contained questions involving "crime concerns, police-citizen interactions, police...

There are three lessons learnt from the interview conducted. One of the lessons is that interviews are not centered on technical skills only. The interview questions included issues about job experiences and interpersonal relations. Additionally, the section on career aspirations is essential to the interviewer since it identifies people with innovative ideas. People need to go to interviews open minded and expect to respond to different questions about their life and career.
Secondly, people need to distinguish between open ended questions from closed questions. There are questions in the interview questionnaire that require a yes or no response. There are other questions in which the respondent has to expound more on what is asked. An Interviewee needs to understand the different questions and respond appropriately.
Thirdly, people engaged in interviews need to be particular on their responses. Additionally, interviewers need to form direct questions that are simple to understand. The interview should not expound on each and every question asked. The questions should not be biased or inclined to one aspect. Interviewees should be particular in replying to the questions. Essentially, the interviewee should not waste too much time while responding to the questions. People should use simple language too.

Essay interview report

essay interview report


essay interview reportessay interview reportessay interview reportessay interview report