Essay history music

Another musical venue is set within the home. There was a demand from the upper middle class to have music that could be performed within the home. They not only wanted this but they stipulated it. Since the upper middle classes and upper classes were well trained in music, written music could be given to them for them to play for a reasonable cost. Music publishing began around the time that in home music was begun. Home performances could be done with a quartet set up with four well-educated and well-trained musicians. Almost all the musicians had their music published, some were reluctant to do so, but this allowed others to attempt their musical composition. Most people could not afford to have the artist who wrote the music come in and play so they bought the published copies of the music to be played. Many played piano sonatas, both solo and accompanied with a violin or by a violin

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This evolution can best be understood by careful investigation of musical conventions through these three periods. For perspective, we begin before 1650, with Monteverdi. His opera Orfeo of 1607 did not redefine any new style in vocal music, but rather served to collect existing techniques and forms of the time combining such forms as recititative, airs, madrigals, ritornello, and recitativo arioso. It also was significant for its mature use of the orchestra, bringing together instruments from all consorts ñ the violins, the cornets, viols, organ, trombones, and others. Need essay sample on "History of Music from 1650 to 1800" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

Essay history music

essay history music


essay history musicessay history musicessay history musicessay history music