Edgar allan poe reviews and essays

"A Poe Webliography: Edgar Allan Poe on the Internet"

This critical guide to online and CD-ROM resources on Edgar Allan Poe is an online version of a 1997 article by Rutgers University professor Heyward Ehrlich. The nine chapters and five appendices include organized links to sites providing biographical information, critical literary commentary, research guides, historical sites and museums, and more. The sites included in this impressive collection are geared toward research rather than interactive exploration.

This isn’t one of those VR art apps that ‘expands’ on the foundations; you don’t jump inside the portrait of the Mona Lisa to see what’s behind her, or explore Vincent Van Gough’s Night Cafe to find the painter himself hiding around the corner. If anything, I wished to further embody the narrator, sitting by the warmth of the fire in hopes it might thaw my icy heart. I’d love to see a more interpretative take too — there’s certainly space for something more creative — but as a straight adaptation, this works well.


See also the Poe entries in DLB 3: Antebellum Writers in New York and the South; DLB 59: American Literary Critics and Scholars, 1800-1850; DLB 73: American Magazine Journalists, 1741-1850; and DLB 74: American Short-Story Writers Before 1880.

Significant collections of Edgar Allan Poe's papers are located at the University of Texas (M. L. Stark Library and Humanities Research Center — the Koerster Collection); Pierpont Morgan Library, New York; Free Library of Philadelphia (the Richard Gimbel Collection); Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Marino, California; Indiana University (Lilly Collection); New York Public Library (Manuscript Division and the Berg Collection); University of Virginia (Ingram Collection); Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore; Poe Foundation, Richmond (State Library of Virginia); Boston Public Library (Griswold Papers); Library of Congress (Ellis and Allan Papers); Columbia University Libraries; Duke University Library (Whitty Collection); Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library; also the private collection of H. Bradley Martin, New York City, which can be viewed in the Pierpont Morgan Library.

Edgar allan poe reviews and essays

edgar allan poe reviews and essays


edgar allan poe reviews and essaysedgar allan poe reviews and essaysedgar allan poe reviews and essaysedgar allan poe reviews and essays