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Richard Enfield is Utterson's cousin and is a well known "man about town." He first sees Hyde at about three in the morning in an episode that is well documented as Hyde is running over a little girl. He is the person who mentions to Utterson the actual personality of Jekyll's friend, Hyde. Enfield witnessed Hyde running over a little girl in the street recklessly, and the group of witnesses, with the girl's parents and other residents, force Hyde into writing a cheque for the girl's family. Enfield discovers that Jekyll signed the cheque, which is genuine. He says that Hyde is disgusting looking but finds himself stumped when asked to describe the man.

Unfortunately, at this point Jekyll had given too much power to his evil side. Hyde was an irrevocable part of Jekyll's character, and the many transformations and evil behaviors only strengthened Hyde's power. One night, while contemplating Hyde's deeds, Jekyll spontaneously transformed into Edward Hyde. Because his dual identity was a secret to all members in his house, he realized he could not walk through his house to the laboratory to retrieve the potion's ingredients. Therefore, he sent the urgent letter to Dr. Lanyon. After successfully turning back into Dr. Jekyll, he went home once again but every time he fell asleep, he reverted to Mr. Hyde. Soon, his potions failed to work, even at double strength, and he ran out of the specific medicine needed. While living in the cabinet apartment and not allowing any of his servants to see him, Hyde launches a desperate but unsuccessful search across London for the potion ingredients. When Poole and Utterson finally break into the room, Hyde kills himself, thus finally releasing both Jekyll and Hyde.

Dr jekyll and mr hyde homework help

dr jekyll and mr hyde homework help


dr jekyll and mr hyde homework helpdr jekyll and mr hyde homework helpdr jekyll and mr hyde homework helpdr jekyll and mr hyde homework help