Dissertation film studies

Students may in future be permitted to produce a creative piece as part of their senior dissertations and we already have one PhD student who is doing a film script and short film as a complement to her full-length dissertation. We encourage postgraduate students to apply for posts as tutors in the centre. Typically, this would involve tutoring in one of the large first year introductory courses in film or media, but in some cases we ask postgraduate students to take more senior courses if they have the right experience or qualifications. Some of our most exciting senior undergraduate seminars (for example, on Food Media, or Advertising, or the Business of Media, or Masculinity in Magazines, or Animation) have involved postgraduate students.

From the beginning of your degree you will benefit from a focus on your personal and professional development alongside your academic performance. You will be supported by a personal tutor throughout your degree, as well as a range of study skills and employability training. You will also learn to work flexibly and creatively with others and engage in debate, as well as exercising independent thought to become an effective independent learner. There are also a number of services on campus where you can get advice and information, including the Students’ Guild Advice Unit.

This module examines the way in which the genres of Horror and Cartoon Comedy splice animals and humans together to create frightening or comical visions of both. There is a long history in cinema of humanising the animal ('anthropomorphism') and animalising the human ('theriomorphism'), through hybrids of animal and human beings (werewolves, man-beasts from Greek myth), or animal and human behaviour, as when feeding (vampires, zombies) or in political behaviour (invading alien monsters). We will analyse the narrational methods, cinematic technologies, ethics, and politics of these films by looking at contemporary examples including Twilight, Daybreakers, Red Dragon, The Island of Dr Moreau, Splice, X-Men, Up!, Antz, Happy Feet, District 9 and Alien.

Dissertation film studies

dissertation film studies


dissertation film studiesdissertation film studiesdissertation film studiesdissertation film studies