Computing msc dissertation

MSC was established in 2009 and won its first contract in 2010 with the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Since that time, MSC has become a leading provider of Health Information Technology (HIT), biomedical data solutions, and scientific research focused on the needs of the Federal health community. MSC supports some of the largest, most publicly facing programs within Federal Civilian Agencies. MSC passionately serves mission critical organizations seeking to advance our understanding of the world's most dangerous infectious diseases, revolutionize our capacity to collect, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of biomedical data, and increase access to high-quality medical information. 

More recently the convergence of the cloud with big data has created additional opportunities for IT professionals to gain valuable insights into their business data. Such insights are critical for companies to maintain their competitive edge, increase their  revenues and deliver new innovative services and solutions. The programme also aims to address the skills gap in this area so the graduate is equipped with not only the skills to store the data in the cloud but also to derive meaningful analytics from it to deliver true business value.

Computing msc dissertation

computing msc dissertation


computing msc dissertationcomputing msc dissertationcomputing msc dissertationcomputing msc dissertation