Chemistry coursework sodium thiosulphate temperature

The Forensic Track has its own Major Academic Pathway ( MAP ) that outlines the required and recommended curricula for both the ACS certified . degree in Chemistry and the General Education Requirements outlined by the university. Please see a summary of this MAP from the Undergraduate Bulletin ( link to Degree requirements for the Major in Chemistry ). The pathway to a degree in chemistry with a forensic emphasis is challenging due to the extensive math, physics and forensic-related coursework that is required. Along with the university's general education requirements, little flexibility or elective coursework exists. The Department of Chemistry recommends that students interested in a career in forensic chemistry obtain advising within the department as early as possible to better align with this curriculum. The Department of Chemistry at the University at Albany, in conjunction with the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center, offers a new forensic chemistry sequence within the Bachelor of Science degree program. Graduates of this program will be prepared to enter rewarding careers in all fields of chemistry, especially forensic chemistry and analytical chemistry.

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Chemistry coursework sodium thiosulphate temperature

chemistry coursework sodium thiosulphate temperature


chemistry coursework sodium thiosulphate temperaturechemistry coursework sodium thiosulphate temperaturechemistry coursework sodium thiosulphate temperaturechemistry coursework sodium thiosulphate temperature