Bu bhopal phd course work syllabus

I do agree Gadariya indicates much about the sheep, goat rearing and animal husbandry occupation rather than a baghel, pal ,dhangar, neekhar,holker,hatkar , gadaria,gaderi,gairy,gadarya,bharwad,kuruba and kurumbar,are popular regional sub names this large group community. In the country their majority belongs to is an honest, dedicated and hard working per the evidence available Pal ,baghel ,dhangar are same and synonyms of are called by various names like Dhanagar, Nikhar, Pal, Baghel, Gadariya, Gaderi, Gayari, Bharwad, Kurba etc in different parts of India with a basic and popular name profession of sheep,goat rearing &animal husbandry started before culivation of plants. With adequate availability of greenpastures and grasslands the profession was flourishing well. Gadaria,s moved one place to another for rearing herds for livelihood. Due to pressure of population and advancement in agritechniques these pastures and grasslands were converted into culturable lands and distributed without any realistic ,s moving one place to another insearch of livelihood were not given due share in land ownership rights for the lands which was owned by them for pasturing and grazing for long was the deterioration of profession and social injustice to these caste was classified as scheduled caste by Central Government in SC list at serial no 27 as Dhangar ( Sanskrit name of Gadaria) but due to poverty,socioeconomic backwardness,poor literacy and political unrepresentaion Dhangar,s( Gadaria,s)are not being issued SC certificates and denied their legitimate rights & benifits.
This is well known fact & real truth that community is illiterate, poor, socioeconomic backward, politically deprived throughout the country in general.
.Based on the povertylevel,low literacy, socioeconomic and political situation of this larger chunk of vote bank deserves ST status and Govt,s immediate is urgent need for joint united efforts.

Bu bhopal phd course work syllabus

bu bhopal phd course work syllabus


bu bhopal phd course work syllabusbu bhopal phd course work syllabusbu bhopal phd course work syllabusbu bhopal phd course work syllabus