Ai thesis topics

Business leaders are advised to familiarize themselves with the cutting edge of AI safety and security research, which at the moment is sadly similar to the state of cybersecurity in the 1990s, and our current situation with the lack of security for the internet of things . Armed with more knowledge, leaders can rationally consider how the addition of AI to their product or service will enhance user experiences, while weighing the costs of potentially subjecting users to additional data breaches and possible dangers. Hiring a dedicated AI safety expert may be an important next step, as most cybersecurity experts are not trained in anticipating or preventing attacks against intelligent systems. I am hopeful that ongoing research will bring additional solutions for safely incorporating AI into the marketplace.

Pete Mortensen also addressed context in his brilliant May 2013 article in Fast Company “The Future of Technology Isn’t Mobile, It’s Contextual.”    So why is context so important (and difficult)?  First, context is fundamental to our ability to understand the text we’re reading and the world we live in.  In semantics, there is the meaning of the words in the sentence, the context of the page, chapter, book and prior works or conversations, but also the context the reader’s education and experience add to the understanding.  As a computing problem, this is the domain of text analytics.

Isidora Todorović finished her BA and MA at the New media department, Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad, Serbia where she is currently teaching. She created award-winning political location based android game “One Good Day”, and is Serbian national selection winner for “European Digital Art and Science award”. She is the author of several theoretical texts and curatorial projects dealing with new media culture, especially focusing on such practices in Serbia. Her interests span from DIY culture, political games, cyberpunk feminism and writing critical texts about the Internet culture.

Ai thesis topics

ai thesis topics


ai thesis topicsai thesis topicsai thesis topicsai thesis topics