Abraham lincoln research paper outline

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    Welcome Welcome to the Peruvian North American Abraham Lincoln School where over 1 300 students from Nursery to Grade 11 learn and develop in a challenging, inclusive and nurturing, bilingual and multicultural environment. We have been inspiring learning within our community since 1950 and are committed to meet the challenges of this era of knowledge and thus prepare our students to become active, creative and responsible citizens.

    “The Constitution provides, and all the States have accepted the provision, that ‘The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government.’ But, if a State may lawfully go out of the Union, having done so, it may also discard the republican form of government; so that to prevent its going out, is an indispensable means, to the end, of maintaining the guaranty mentioned; and when an end is lawful and obligatory, the indispensable means to it, are also lawful, and obligatory.”
    It was with the deepest regret that the Executive found the duty of employing the war-power, in defense of the government, forced upon him. He could but perform this duty, or surrender the existence of the government. No compromise, by public servants, could, in this case, be a cure; not that compromises are not often proper, but that no popular government can long survive a marked precedent, that those who carry an election, can only save the government from immediate destruction, by giving up the main point, upon which the people gave the election. The people themselves, and not their servants, can safely reverse their own deliberate decisions. As a private citizen, the Executive could not have consented that these institutions shall perish; much less could he, in betrayal of so vast, and so sacred a trust, as these free people had confided to him. He felt that he had no moral right to shrink; nor even to count the chances of his own life, in what might follow. In full view of his great responsibility, he has, so far, done what he has deemed his duty. You will now, according to your own judgment, perform yours. He sincerely hopes that your views, and your action, may so accord with his, as to assure all faithful citizens, who have been disturbed in their rights, of a certain, and speedy restoration to them, under the Constitution, and the laws. 178

    Abraham lincoln research paper outline

    abraham lincoln research paper outline


    abraham lincoln research paper outlineabraham lincoln research paper outlineabraham lincoln research paper outlineabraham lincoln research paper outline