Agood essay on vikings

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Grades 9-12
Science Standard 16- Understands the scientific enterprise. Benchmarks: Understands that individuals and teams contribute to science and engineering at different levels of complexity; Understands that science involves different types of work in many different disciplines; Knows that creativity, imagination, and a good knowledge base are all required in the work of science and engineering
(CTSS – ‘science’, ‘9-12’, ’16’)
Geography Standard 1- Understands the characteristics and uses of maps, globes, and other geographic tools and technologies. Benchmarks: Understands the advantages and disadvantages of using maps from different sources and different points of view; Transforms primary data into maps, graphs, and charts
(CTSS – ‘social’, ‘9-12’, ‘geo1’)
Geography Standard 3- Understands the characteristics and uses of spatial organization of Earth’s surface. Benchmarks: Understands how concepts of spatial interaction account for patterns of movement in space (., transportation routes, trade and migration patterns, commodity flows)
(CTSS – ‘social’, ‘9-12’, ‘geo1’)
Geography Standard 17- Understands how geography is used to interpret the past. Benchmarks: Understands how the processes of spatial change have affected history; Understands how people’s changing perceptions of geographic features have led to changes in human societies; Understands the ways in which physical and human features have influenced the evolution of significant historic events and movements
(CTSS – ‘social’, ‘9-12’, ‘geo6’)
Historical Understanding Standard 2- Understands the historical perspective. Benchmarks: Analyzes how specific historical events would be interpreted differently based on newly uncovered records and/or information; Uses historical maps to understand the relationship between historical events and geography
(CTSS – ‘social’, ‘9-12’, ‘hu2’)

Agood essay on vikings

a good essay on vikings


a good essay on vikingsa good essay on vikingsa good essay on vikingsa good essay on vikings